Effortless Advanced Ticketing Platform.

Pardesi Link – An App for Non Resident Indians

Amazing Features

A complete suite to list, promote and manage effortless Ticketing.

Sell on both App and Website

You can sell tickets on both App and Website.

Make it Viral

Offer a few Free Tickets to lucky winner among anyone sharing your event on multiple Social Medias

Frequent Prompts

All Pardesi Link App users in your city will get your event’s reference in their multiple notifications and emails


Instant Order Notification

Get notified real time for any tickets sold to your Event or Movie. Add up to 5 organisers to receive notifications.

Block OR Free Tickets

Anytime you wish to block or Free any ticket, do it via your Pardesi Link login –Website and/or App, you choose.

Movies or Events

A flexible Event or Movie tickets platform - With or Without seating; Multiple Sections or Multiple Shows.


Event Ticketing at it’s best

A state of the art technological platform to Sell your Event tickets. Whether it is Seated arrangement or Section tickets without seating, we cover it all. With the users able to buy tickets from both website and/or app, you expect double the sales. A full control in your hand where you get real time track of sold seats or if you want to Block any tickets – Do it all via your login either from Website or from App – you Choose..!

  • Fees as low as only 5% of total sales amount, no other fees at all
  • Sell tickets from App or direct website url – Tickets.PardesiLink.com
  • Get instant notifications on your App for any sold tickets
  • Complementary One Free Banners for your Event

Make your Event Viral – Get Pardesi Link Sweepstake advantage

We understand the need of Promotions for any Events and also realise the power of Social Media to facilitate that. And that’s the reason we introduced the industry first Sweepstake function to make your Event viral. All you need to do is offer some free tickets to your Event. Any users wish to win Free tickets, need to participate in your sweepstake. They are given a unique referral id link to share your sweepstake.

They can then share their link to multiple social media platforms in a flash. The more hits their link gets, more will be their chances to win. In the end winner is declared among all the hits. And in exchange of some free tickets, you get a huge viral advantage for your Event wherein everyone shared your event sweepstake to max for their chance to win free tickets.


Promote Events among local N.R.I.s

Whether it is Listing of Events for FREE or Ticketing Platform or Promotions or even Free Offers to make your event viral on Social Media, Pardesi Link cover it all. You will not be short of online event promotion opportunities that Pardesi Link has to offer.

The best available, comprehensive and state of the art platform where your events shine among local Indian and South Asian community in general. Reach to targeted audience of overseas Indians. Add Pardesi Link advantage to your Event.

Auto Promote on Your Friend’s Facebook

A tool to build your own portfolio for existing and future Events

Allow Access

Tired of asking your Friends to share your Event again and again? No need now..! Ask them once to open your Event on Pardesi Link app. Go to Promote tab and request them to give access to our Facebook App. Make sure they select Public to get maximum exposure for your Events.

Schedule Now

Once they give access to us via Facebook App, ask them to schedule a day and time of the week. We will then make sure to share your Pardesi Link Event page as scheduled, on your Friend’s Facebook timeline until expired. And all this without any extra hassles for you or your friend’s side.

Reap in Future

Shying away to do the same process again. We got it covered for you. While scheduling, if your Friends select ‘Share all Events of this user’, any of your future listed events on Pardesi Link will automatically be shared on your Friend’s timeline. The more friends get linked to your account, more your Events will be shared.

Be Mesmerized

Step ahead from competition. Get Pardesi Link advantage for your Events.

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