Cleaning Trade Sales & Service

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Cleaning Trade Sales & Service is a South Australian family owned business that offers cleaning supplies, equipment and repairs to domestic, commercial and industrial equipment. Our equipment includes floor polishers, vacuum cleaners, back packs, carpet extraction machines, window cleaning apparatus and much more! Try us for quality service and competitive prices. We are dedicated to help our customers with their business needs at every opportunity. With over 36 years experience in sales, service and repairs we have a customer base that is spread across a variety of industry sectors that use our products and services with great satisfaction. We manufacture our own chemicals the CTSS brand using the best raw materials available so that you can be sure of buying quality chemicals at reasonable prices. If you have special requirements we are able to modify our formulas to suit your needs. A minimum order will apply. Not only do we stock a large range of our own unique cleaning chemicals but we also stock a large range of the popular AGAR Chemicals, Advanced Specialized Chemicals, Bridgepoint, Pro's Choice, Microban, Kimberly Clark, Tork, Tonizone, SYR Interchange, Numatic, Steam Australia, Pall Mall, Kerrick, Pullman, Karcher, Pac Vac, Polivac, Bramil, Rotobic, Sabco, Oates, Lightning Laundry Products, Sanitaire Biological Products, MotorScrubber, Sorbo, Unger, Glidex, Pulex and many more!

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