Pramesh Nandi's - Raas Garba 2018


Swargunjan Music Academy Presents Pramesh Nandi's - Raas Garba 2018 - Biggest, Most Popular & Traditional

The star disciple of pandit Hemang Mehta, Pramesh Nandi is a force not to be reckoned with when it comes to singing Bhajans. Bhajans are basically songs of praise that are sung to the divinities during festive times. His guru, Mewati Gharna is also known by name Pandit Jasraj. Being a singer and performer, he also teaches classical music. He is as much an expert in instrumental as much as he is a charm while he delivers his vocals. He prefers the term performer and sings Bhajans like no one voice can! He also ‘performs’ golden ghazals, Bollywood numbers, both old and new. He is one of the most sought out voices for recordings and giving life to albums. He is the Founder and Director of a Music Academy called Swargunjan. The Swargunjan Music Academy teaches and moulds many more talent to take up music as a full time profession. Gets a hold of his event tickets for shows happening in the US, listed on this page.


Admission Per Person $18.00 Group Of 10 or More $16.00

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