Purbayan Chatterjee in concert with Jay Dabgar


Experience Indian Classical music at its finest with a mesmerizing performance by the international master of Sitar, Pt. Purbayan Chatterjee,

The duo will take you on a journey of hypnotising, energetic music of the Indian Classical genre. They will also be performing with the amazing artists from The Senagambian Jazz band, Amadou Suso, on the Kora. This performance will bring together a beautiful amalgamation of African and Jazz music with the mystical sounds of India. Purbayan Chatterjee Purbayan is one of the finest Sitar players in Indian Classical music and holds a special place as a multifaceted performer in the world of music. Along with his concerts of North Indian raga music, he also performs with musicians from the South Indian raga tradition and participates in various fusion projects with jazz (His music has been appreciated by jazz greats, such as Chick Corea, Bella Fleck, and Pat Metheney). His soulful and dexterous performances have evoked praise and admiration in various music festivals in India and other countries. Purbayan is also astounding vocalist and has lent his soulful voice to many mellifluous compositions. Jay Dabgar Recently finishing a very successful tour of Australia with the Grammy award winner and Padma Bhushan Pt. Vishwamohan Bhatt and Grammy nominee Ustad Shujaat Khan, local Tabla sensation Jay Dabgar will accompany Purbayan Chatterjee during his Australian tour. Dabgar will bring 24 years of Tabla playing experience to this highly anticipated show. His skills are well known throughout Australia as well as internationally.


Section A (Early Bird) $55.00 Section B (Early Bird) $45.00 Section A (Full) $65.00 Section A (Cenccession) $45.00

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