Ecstasy Tour Satinder Sartaaj Live In Perth 2019


Ecstasy Tour Satinder Sartaaj Live In Perth 2019 Organised by Punjab Ventures

A multi-gifted artist, artist, songwriter, singer, composer and poet. Today Dr.Satinder Sartaaj possesses an unprecedented list of achievements and remains in the fore front of his craft, a true inspiration. As an artist he excites, enlightens, leads and embraces his fans with insights into life’s meaning and deepest feelings. Ancestral values are seen embedded deep in his poetry. Satinder Sartaaj captivates audiences through the vigor and sheer beauty of his words and lyrics. His songs stir the souls, energize the bodies, liberate the minds and heal the hearts. Satinder Sartaaj was born in the village of Bajrawar, Distt Hoshiarpur (Punjab eastern). Living in the sleepy village, as a child he was hooked to the melody emanating from the flute and sarangi of the wandering artists. Talking about his schooling from his own village and nearby villages of Chabewal and Patti, he says, “I began performing at the Bal-Sabha in 3rd grade and this marked the beginning of my journey.” He then graduated in Music with Honours from Govt College Hoshiarpur. Alongside he also completed his 5-year diploma in classical music from Sangeet Vishard in Jalandhar. After completing his graduation and diploma Satinder headed to Punjab University, Chandigarh for his Masters in Music. After his Masters and M.Phil. He completed his PhD with specialization n Sufi poetry. To further understand the deep thoughts of Sufi poetry, he completed a certificate course and Diploma in Persian (Farsi) language. Dr. Satinder Sartaaj taught in the Music Department in Punjab University for 6 years. An ardent lover of nature Satinder Sartaaj has dedicated several of his compositions to nature, because from the beginning he was drawn to the beauty and fragrance of the flowers, rainbows and the tranquil flow of the water creating rhythmic patterns. Though too young to analyze the innate pleasures derived from the natural phenomenon, he was yearning to delve deep into the creations which gave birth to religious and Sufiana thoughts in his young mind which later made major impact in his career choice. Gifted with a mellifluous voice, magnetic personality with the glow of Sufism, wisdom and peace on his face, Dr. Satinder Sartaaj followed the dictates of his inner soul and chose to reveal the glory of Mysticism.


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